Woman buys a car and is arrested; agency gave him stolen license plates

MEXICO CITY.- Buying a new agency car was thought to be the safest thing in the country, however, for Elizabeth Vicente it led to a 24-hour arrest in the public prosecutor’s office and an accusation of the crime of concealment by reception, for circulating with plates with a theft report that the concessionaire gave him.

Some state police officers stop me, they lined up, I was driving my vehicle and they teach me through their application that they have a theft report for that vehicle. I acquired that vehicle in December 2017, I am currently paying for it. In fact, I acquired it as new through self financing.

The vehicle was delivered at the Americas Motors dealership in Mexico City on January 18, 2018, however, according to the authorities of the State of Mexico, the plates were reported stolen one day before leaving the agency. automotive.

Although they processed the plates, they do not want to be responsible, they tell me, well tell us how I can serve you well, but the vehicle has already left it is not a mechanical issue, we could not help you, as well as to tell you who processed the plates ” .

Currently the vehicle is sheltered in the Public Ministry agency in the municipality of Texcoco, where the officials of the Attorney General’s Office of the State of Mexico ask him for 12 to 20 thousand pesos to help him free his car.

His name is Eder Sinohe Jiménez de la Rosa, he is at table 4 and he asked me for a maximum of 20 thousand and a minimum of 12 thousand or whatever could be gathered for the release of the vehicle.

Despite the fact that the auto dealer sold the car, it is not responsible and requires monthly payment of the vehicle that is insured by the authorities, for driving with the stolen plates with the one who was arrested.

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