Woman beats priest in the middle of Holy Thursday mass

For those who are believers, Holy Week and Easter mean a great moment of reflection, where we can take the opportunity to repent of the acts that we have committed wrong and with it, strive to live in peace, doing good.

However, on social networks it has left more than one completely stunned a video that went viral, since despite being Easter, a woman unleashed her fury against a priest in the middle of mass.

The video that was supposedly recorded Inside the Cathedral of San Cristobal, in Venezuela, during Mass on Holy Thursday, a woman can clearly be seen slapping the face on a couple of occasions and kicking a priest who was identified as José León.

The priest wanted to give the blessing to the woman who was dressed in black, and also without wearing a mask, after she extended a hand to him. There he approaches the father to start beating him; Some people intervened to calm the aggressor and prevent things from happening to adults.

After the video went viral and was shown by some media, some began to speculate that the woman was probably the victim of “demonic possession”, although it is also said that she suffers from a mental disorder.

Despite what has been said, many consider that there is no justification or pretext for the act committed by this person.

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