Wolverhampton: Raúl Jiménez sends inspiring message and excites Wolves

The forward of the Wolverhampton, Raúl Jiménez, suffered an accident on the field of play last November where he had a skull fracture, today after 6 months, he shows an incredible improvement and an enviable attitude.

Through your official account InstagramThe former Eagles of America player published a photo, where he symbolically indicates the area where he suffered the broken head; and said postcard accompanies it with the phrase; “That the blows that life gives you are not a reason to stop you.”

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The publication provoked various reactions from his followers in networks, but the one that undoubtedly attracted attention was that of his partner Daniela Basso who responded; “You have surprised me, I admire you very much, fear has never stopped you, you are a great example, we love you.”

Medical reports indicate that the American youth squad could see action at the end of the 2020-21 Premier League season; However, there is no movement in the transfer market and Raúl does not end up in Serie A with AS Roma, a team that has sounded strong to take over his services.

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