Wolverhampton: Daniela Basso reveals that she thought “the worst” when she saw Raúl Jiménez’s injury

About six months after his terrible injury in the duel between Wolverhampton and the Arsenal, Raúl Jiménez is getting closer and closer to returning to the courts, although the memory of that clash with David Luiz is still present in the memory of your partner, Daniela basso.

In an interview for The New York Times, the Mexican actress revealed that she thought the worst when she saw Raul Jimenez falling unconscious after the head collision, because by not moving, he immediately imagined that he could have lost his life.

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“Unfortunately, my first thought was that he died. On screen I never saw him react. Normally when players fall and get hurt, you see reaction. That’s when you know if they are faking it or not. But I didn’t see anything. I could not see anything. I couldn’t see his eyes. It was one of the ugliest sensations in life “

Basso also recounted how it was the period of his trip from Wolverhampton to London, where the game was played, in which it took almost an hour to find out the health of Jiménez, who suffered a skull fracture.

“It took 45 minutes before I knew he was alive. I didn’t know if it was okay, or if it would be okay, just alive. Imagine, 45 minutes in which I had to try to stay calm and tell myself that everything would be fine “

“Imagine, 45 minutes in which I tried to have a cool head and say that everything was fine”

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