Wolff jokes about Hamilton’s 7th title: “Its renewal has become more expensive”

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are still pending the renewal of the British contract by the Mercedes team, because in just one month the seven-time champion would be free to sign for any team.

It is not usual for a listed pilot to wait until the last moment to sign a new contract, but the reality is that Lewis Hamilton ends his contract with Mercedes on December 31 and there is still no sign of his renewal with the German team.

It’s just a mere formality, in any case, and Toto Wolff knows that very well. It has gotten more expensive, really. We are most likely looking towards the end of the year. It’s not that we can’t find time for each other, but I don’t want to push each other saying “before Bahrain” or “before Abu Dhabi”. There is no pressure. When it is done, it will be done.

The binomial will not break

And so it is, as Hamilton is not going anywhere and also claims that he has found a new purpose in Formula 1. But regardless, Wolff has no doubt about the motivation of the seven-time champion, now 35 years old.

“He loves racing and competition, just like the team,” says the Mercedes director. “If we didn’t have the competition against the timer, life wouldn’t be so fun. So I see we are going for more next year and then we have this tremendously challenging regulatory change for 2022, so we will continue for a while.

A pilot who, in Wolff’s opinion, is already one of the best athletes in history and who has even managed to surpass what Michael Schumacher achieved. “He ranks at the level of Michael (Schumacher) in terms of drivers’ championships, while he is already the absolute record holder for pole positions and victories. He has cemented his position among the best athletes of all time », concludes. And in 2021, for the eighth title.