The Women’s Basketball League (WNBA) presented a proposal to the players for the 2020 season that will include full payment of their salaries. Several sources close to the negotiations said that the players will vote on the offer in the next two days. They indicate that if there is an agreement, the formal announcement could be made next Monday.

06/13/2020 at 12:49


A WNBA source explained that « It is a very good proposal for the players, especially compared to other professional sports leagues. « 

He added that « No one will criticize anyone who does not want to play. But most of the players want to competeThey also appreciate the work of the league, the union and the executive committee in preparing this proposal. « 

22 games proposal

The league He proposed to the players a regular season of 22 games, which would start on July 24o. Although it has not been made official, the championship would take place at the « IMG Academy » in Bradenton, Florida.

The WNBA He was originally scheduled to start his championship on May 15, with a total of 36 games., but the coronavirus pandemic forced activities to be suspended.

In the proposal the postseason is said to be as it normally is with first round and second round elimination matches, then series of five matches for the semifinals and the finals.

First salary proposal rejected

In case of contesting the championship, the league proposal indicates that the postseason would end next October. In the initial proposal, the league made a 60 percent salary offer, which was rejected by the players’ union.

Also, the same sources indicate that the league proposal includes other details such as tests for the detection of coronavirus in female players., coaches and team personnel, upon arrival at the venue where they will compete. The tests would continue throughout their stay.

The proposal also indicates that players with children would be allowed to take them with them to the match site, along with someone to take care of them, in such a way that they manage to compete in a family environment that favors them.

A companion

The players cWith at least five years of experience you can bring someone to accompany you, such as your spouse or other important person, to stay on site during the season.

But a source noted that They will have to pay for that person’s accommodation and medical tests, for a total of approximately $ 4,000 per month.

It was said that there will be a provision for female players to opt out of the season if they are medically certified as high risk if they contract the coronavirus, and those players would receive their full salary.

Other players may choose not to participate for any other reason without penalty, but would not receive a salaryAll players have already received two paychecks, or about 18 percent of their pay for the 2020 season.