Without top in an interview, Niurka Marcos makes an impact at the national level

Without a top in an interview, Niurka Marcos makes a national impact | INSTAGRAM

Once again the Cuban Niurka Marcos, as her nickname says “The scandal woman”She has done it again and this time in the middle of an interview at the national level with the drivers of Primera Mano, who were left with their mouths open when she decided to take off her top.

That’s right, this is a talk he had with Gustavo Adolfo Infante in which the beautiful dancer decided that it would be an excellent opportunity to take off its Top and thus show his charms in the middle of an interview at the national level, leaving his interviewer speechless although the moment everything happens has already been deleted from the broadcast of Youtube.

But we can still appreciate a few moments before the event right in the Official instagram of the Cuban, who placed her perspective and we saw how she was with her cell phone in front, explaining what happens on that beach where she was recently.

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The reason for his participation in this interview was to question the recent photo shoot in Zipolite, Oaxaca, in which he also appeared without any top, so the Imagen TV show I cannot miss the opportunity to ask him directly about his experience.

In those images the starlet He was placing a small censorship edition on Instagram in some photos that were excellently received by his public and that attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands on social networks for how uncovered they were.

In this way Niurka posed a swing on a rock and always with the ocean near one of her favorite beaches in the Pacific Ocean. The photos were posted this Sunday and in fact we addressed them in a previous note, something that incidentally had many reactions.

Despite the fact that the photos had that degree of censorship in which she wore a few stars or a few small words that want to be censored, they managed to turn the Internet around and make many who still did not know the Cuban woman to realize the beauty that is and the excellent personality he has.

Although it seems a bit strange to us that someone does not know Niurka Marcos, the scandal woman, who does not waste time to also share some of her funniest phrases creating some very entertaining videos where she continues to create memes.

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The also television star gave us a glimpse of her vacations on those beautiful beaches of Oaxaca where she managed to walk and enjoy the sun, the sand and the sea with her friends, of course without neglecting the exercise routines that she normally has programmed .

Thanks to that photo session we were able to see how the beautiful woman is very well preserved and healthy thanks to such a good organization that she has to continue exercising wherever she is.

In Zipolite there is a beach where the most interesting of all is that people can take off their clothes completely, that’s right, it is visited by thousands of foreign national tourists and usually fans of walking without anything on.

Niurka is very interested in making people look like such a beautiful place which she considers to be healthy in many aspects, that you fill up with life when you see those old men walking naturally along the shore of the beach and the children playing without them. nothing seems to call attention to it.

Of course we also know that her body is totally natural and that she has only achieved it with exercise in the gym, although her front charms did have a little help, because she considered that she had nothing, so she wanted to show off a little more and He put them to make them a little better.

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