Without private investment there is no development: AMLO

At the inauguration of the Metropolitan Distribution Center of Grupo Bimbo, with an injection of 2.7 billion pesos, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the public, private and social sectors have to work together, united. « Those three engines are what allow for economic growth so that at the same time there are jobs and we also have well-being and peace and tranquility in our country. »

The chief executive explained that “we could not only bet on public investment, we would not have enough money to promote the development of the country. It requires private investment, and we could not do anything without the workers.

He explained that “it is a joint effort that is being carried out, which inspires the government that I represent and we are advancing in that way despite the pandemic, which is a terrible disease, which produced economic stagnation, more than that, it brought down to the economy of the country as to that of the world and, what hurts more, the loss of human lives ”.

In front of the president and general director of the company, Daniel Servitje, the president said that « I accepted to be here, in Azcapotzalco, on this day to promote these investments that are very important for Azcapotzalco, for Mexico City and for the country. »

For his part, Servitje recalled that “75 years ago a modest bread factory started operations in Santa María Insurgentes, our founders called it Bimbo; the next day the vendors traveled the streets of this city for the first time in 10 trucks, delivering Super Pan Bimbo ”.

The manager explained that with effort, perseverance, as well as the reinvestment of profits, the company has grown to become the most prominent in the sector on a global scale.

Bimbo has a presence in 33 countries in America, Europe, Asia and Africa and has more than 135 thousand employees.

Servitje informed that the Cedis is built with the highest technology in the environment.

In his speech, President López Obrador pointed out that 300 jobs were created with the Cedis.


The head of government of the CdMx, Claudia Sheinbaum, said that her administration has started a dialogue with industrial entrepreneurs so that they do not stop promoting the city and estimated that private investment in the entity is around 4 billion pesos.

Sheinbaum explained that Azcapotzalco is the first mayor’s office in percentage of the manufacturing GDP of the entire Valley of Mexico and that the government’s intention is for this representation to continue and increase, without causing contamination.

“We have been working with the Ministry of Economy and Conacyt on a project that we hope will become a reality in 2021, in an innovation center. Conacyt invests, the businessmen and with the support of the SE it is going to become a center that provides service to the city government and companies ”.


On the other hand, López Obrador called on entrepreneurs to produce healthy food to eventually eliminate labeling on products, while improving the health of the population.

He said that now with the pandemic, it is shown that those with chronic diseases are more susceptible to having a serious picture of covid-19. « In this, this Bimbo company will continue to help, we have spoken with Daniel about this issue and this company along with others are making an effort to improve the quality of food, » said the chief executive officer.



Standard and Poor’s (S&P) Global Ratings confirmed Mexico’s long-term sovereign ratings in foreign currency at ‘BBB’ and in local currency at ‘BBB +’, the outlook kept it negative.

In a statement, he indicated that Mexico’s ratings reflect both the strengths and weaknesses of its democracy, which has generated political stability and regular changes of government in the last two decades, as well as a monetary policy with credible inflationary targets from the central bank. For its part, the SHCP indicated that this positions Mexico comfortably in the investment grade category. « The foregoing benefits both the public and private sectors since access to financing in national and international markets is maintained under favorable conditions, » said the Treasury.