Without pajamas, Natti Natasha poses on her bed stealing glances!

Without pajamas, Natti Natasha poses on her bed, stealing glances! (AP)

Without pajamas, Natti Natasha poses on her bed stealing glances! | AP

The attractive singer Natti Natasha There is no day that he does not delight his followers in his social networks and this time he took all the eyes of the Internet users when he posed on the edge of the bed as his famous song “Without pajamas”.

There is no doubt that for a few years Natti Natasha has captivated us with her incredible and unique voice and this has allowed her to be one of the most important artists of the urban genre.

A couple of years ago the beautiful Dominican singer left all her followers around the world deeply in love with the song “Sin pijama” that she performed together with Becky G, a song that made her recognize herself even more.

In her networks she currently has great popularity and this is due to the fact that she constantly shares photographs of her that leave her millions of followers with their mouths open, because in each one of them she wastes sensuality.

A couple of months ago Natti Natasha He shared a photograph that left Internet users wanting too much, as he posed from bed wearing only underwear and allowing his rear to be fully appreciated.

In that photograph, the Dominican singer wishes good morning to almost 30 million followers on her official Instagram account, and it was a good morning thanks to her.

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Buenos dias . Go to the Gym. Getting ready for June 1 #Quemaltefue …. you missed it #NattiNatasha, “Natti wrote in the post.

As expected, the publication caused a great sensation among its followers and to this day it has almost 2 million likes and endless comments from users of the social network.

The interpreter of “Without pajamas” wanted to show her figure and that is why each of her photographs shows her beautiful anatomy to the fullest.

I love you “,” The best queen “,” The best queen “,” I will treat your exquisite portion “,” She knows that it is hard “,” to put you until you break it “were some of the comments.

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No doubt Natti Natasha It has been characterized by its great attributes and its constant waste of sensuality, in which its followers can appreciate its figure, just like this photograph.

On the other hand, the names of Anuel AA, Natti Natasha and Karol G have not stopped ringing in recent weeks, since amid strong rumors of separation between the couple, the reggaeton has been linked with Natti Natasha after launching a song together, in the company of Myke Towers.

And although Anuel and Natti Only several followers collaborated on a song on social networks related them for their recent interactions on these platforms and as expected, they did not take it well at all.

And in fact, after so much controversy and endless rumors, the Dominican singer came out to admit that she was with Karol’s boyfriend.

A user on the Instagram social network commented in one of the promotional posts for “Diosa remix”, the issue was indeed.

After the video this bitch went with Anuel to her house ”, and Natti, bluntly, answered“ later, no, it was before ”followed by an emoji with a kiss.

However, it may be that her words were only to annoy the person who offended her, but she did not show that she did so with irony, much less clarified later that it was a lie.

And it is most likely that the singers have met before working on the music video, however, just to talk about it, since the interpreter of “Qué mal te fue” is only focused on her career and, Furthermore, it is said that he maintains a relationship with his manager, Raphy Piña.

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