Without luxury reinforcements and with homegrown players, the conditions for Víctor Manuel Vucetich in Chivas

In the absence of being official, the Chivas Rayadas del Guadalajara would have already closed a renewal agreement with Victor Manuel Vucetich after a couple of meetings after the elimination of the team in the Clausura 2021 of the MX League, which would be constantly evaluated and conditioned under some terms.

According to information revealed by the Récord newspaper, Víctor Manuel Vucetich expressed his desire to continue on the Guadalajara bench for Apertura 2021, so the Chivas board evaluated his performance and approved his continuity for the following semester, although under several terms and conditions put on the table for King Midas.

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In Chivas they have decided to bet on the continuity of their coach’s project and not fall into the vicious circle of constantly changing strategists as was done in the past, for which Vucetich has received a vote of confidence, although it will be under constant evaluation.

Other of the points that were sentenced was the issue of reinforcements, making it clear that there is not a large budget to bring large signings, so he will have to explore in the team’s quarry and manage with the template he already has, either for sell and buy or on a footballers exchange.

However, the Chivas board accepted that they will try to please Vucetich in terms of their requests for reinforcements, but without ensuring that they fully comply with their request.

In addition to that, a strong conversation is expected between the sports director, Ricardo Peláez, and the squad of players from the first team.

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