Without hesitation Adal Ramones talks about Luis Miguel, this is how the Sun lives

Without hesitation Adal Ramones talks about Luis Miguel, this is how the Sun lives (Instagram)

Without hesitation Adal Ramones talks about Luis Miguel, this is how the Sun lives | Instagram

One of the most beloved celebrities in the artistic world is Adal Ramones, who on one occasion had to be interviewed by Adela Micha to whom he would end up confessing some of the truths of the singer, Luis Miguel.

Without qualms, Adal Ramones opened up with the renowned journalist about some aspects of the artist’s life, Luis Miguel, with the permission granted by his popularity in the medium, the famous television figure is part of the list of the few people who has been able to approach the interpreter of “The bikina“.

How do you know the call “Sun of Mexico“He has always led a very lonely life away from the spotlight, which has given rise to various versions, theories, various rumors about his life and the” great mysteries “that they point to, this may hide.

Part of this is what the responses that the driver offers during the talk to the communicator, Adalberto Javier Ramones Martínez, better known as “Adal Ramones”, confirmed the total loneliness in which the acclaimed person lives “King Star“of Latin music. One day they call me and say” Come talk to him. ”

The remembered presenter of “Another roll“, one of the most popular programs on the small screen reveals a moment that caused him great astonishment and sadness, that’s how he described what would be one of the encounters with the” music idol “inside and outside of Mexico.

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Adal pointed out that Luis Miguel, a singer who gives very few interviews, gave him an exclusive after a friend contacted him to go talk to him, it was something “very cool,” he told the journalist. On the other hand, he also hinted that his situation caused him pain.

Very lonely, poor man. A friend has just hired him for Costa Rica, and he says to me: “Adal, so alone, so alone”, I send you the plane ticket, he says: Come and talk with him.

Adela Micha, who conducted the last interview through the “Saga” program, reacted surprised: “Just kidding!” “No,” replied the driver, who noted at the time was in the theater.

Come please, come please, asked his desperate friend, according to the television collaborator, not even the person who called him at that time begging him could approach the artist.

“He told me: Come talk to me”

The director and producer of different news programs on Mexican television, was stunned by the anecdotes of the interviewer and businessman. “Do you have any friendship with him?”

The director of various programs reveals that the same singer told him “Come talk to me” and I thought “I’m going to come, touch him and I don’t know how he would have reacted,” he said.

The host of programs like “Dancing for a dream”, “Singing for a dream”, “Teletón” (El Salvador and Costa Rica) reveals that he only saw him in interviews and that he was always kind enough to come to greet him in his presentations, but this has not taken them beyond having a friendship, says the singer.

This was one of the reasons why at that time, Adal Ramones points out that he did not feel the confidence to go and knock on the door of his dressing room as his friend suggested at the time.

Now, with the use of social networks, “Adal” shares that this could lead the artist to come out a little more open to the public, however, he points out that it would not be something easy for someone who has always lived in some way “isolated” .

He doesn’t invite friends to his tours, he goes alone, he’s strong! the communicator points out.

For his part, he also states that “Luismi“He has always shown a calm attitude despite everything he says or speculates about him, he gave examples of other figures who came to his program almost” defeated “by all the criticism.

A mega star, totally destroyed, we said how we cuddled her.

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Through the remembered broadcast, the famous host had the opportunity to chat with countless figures of the show in Mexico, even of international stature, one of them was the artist of Puerto Rican origin.