Without headphones: This speaker puts music directly into your head without anyone else being able to hear it

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Imagine a world where you can be inside your own auditory bubble, listening to your favorite songs, playing your game music to the maximum or cleaning the house, all without disturbing anyone, since only you hear the sound. Well, all this is possible thanks to “sound beaming”, a new audio technology provided by Noveto Systems, an Israeli company that this Friday will launch the first speaker that uses ultrasonic sounds on the market. This technology literally makes it possible for music to play inside your head.

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The SoundBeamer 1.0is a device that sends ultrasonic sounds directly to your ears, no matter how you move, so you can listen to music in any environment without anyone else listening to what you are hearing. This sounds quite futuristic and unreal, words that have also been said to the CEO of Noveto Systems, Christophe ramstein, which comments that “The brain does not understand what it does not know”, something quite mysterious to tell the truth, But how does this really work?

According to information from the Associated Press, a medium that had an exclusive interview with Ninth, the Soundbeamer uses a 3D sensory detector that, by pressing a button, can search the user’s ears and send waves directly to them. The device can send waves to either side of your head, tracking the position of your ear so you can move freely without interrupting the audio.

This device can work in stereo or 3D audio, giving you complete immersion in a universe of three-dimensional sound. The best thing about this is that being waves that go to your ears, despite playing audio, you can continue listening to outside sounds so there are no more uncomfortable moments where you have to take off your headphones to ask the other person what he was saying . With this device you do not disturb anyone, you and no one else will hear what is being played.

The Soundbeamer It goes on sale this Friday and although it is a great advance, the device is still testing ground, for which it is subject to possible failures.

And what do you think, do you think this is the technology of the future?

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