Without conditions to make fights, the key is not to get impatient: González

Juan Manuel Vazquez

La Jornada newspaper
Thursday, November 19, 2020, p. a12

Former champion Jhonny González was unable to reactivate his career this year. Since August he has not been in the ring and in 2020 he has not found the conditions to resume boxing as an effect of the pandemic. This month I had plans and as it has become common, they disbanded without explanation. Like a rookie, he waits ready for an opportunity to appear in the super featherweight division, where good fighters abound.

More than a year without going up to fight. The life of a boxer who does not practice his trade can be infuriating. But Jhonny’s extensive career, nearly 80 fights, shaped him as a stoic athlete who has forged the patience to endure difficult times.

The plans of all of us who thought to return in the first quarter fell due to the pandemic and now we are waiting, says Jhonny; the fights that we have seen recently are the ones that were already agreed and now they are barely being rescued.

Jhonny fought in August 2019 and planned to return in December of that same year. There was no rush, in February or March he would return. The pandemic collapsed all the planning in the world. Finally it seemed that he would return this month and again the contest has fallen.

I have no choice but to train at home where I have a gym, to be ready for any call, says the boxer; the plans have stalled and this 2020 it will be difficult to do something. We have to wait for next year.

While Jhonny waits patiently, other fighters in his division are enshrined, like Gervonta Davis; Others, such as the super featherweight champion of the World Boxing Council, Miguel Berchelt, had to cancel his long-awaited fight against Óscar Valdez after catching Covid-19.

I can’t be impatient, Jhonny cuts out; there are no conditions to make fights. We have no choice but to work in a disciplined manner and be prepared for when something appears. Ready as if one fought tomorrow.

Without contests at the door, Jhonny prefers to protect himself from the risks of contagion. His coach in Los Angeles, Manny Robles, was positive for coronavirus and that gives him a certainty of the danger of the health crisis.

A contagion is not only serious for our health, individually, and for its consequences in projects and others, he says; Either way, you’re a high-performance athlete and you probably won’t get aggravated, but the people around you can have a really bad time. If there is no fight, I prefer to work in my own house and take care of myself.

It is not simple for a fighter who has been a world champion and with too much canvas. Although he admits that promoters are the ones in charge of negotiating and looking for rivals, he knows that he needs to face someone with some prestige. He cannot fight with just anyone.

We are there for what is presented, the promoters are the ones who do the work, and we accept what they offer us, he points out; the pandemic hit us very hard. For now there is nothing and what we need most is to return to the ring.