Pauline and Mathilde Tantot: Without clothes they bathed in the river, they seek to win attention to Demi Rose | INSTAGRAM

The beautiful 25-year-old French models, Pauline and Mathilde Tantot, are one of the most famous twins on Instagram and this time they sought to gain the great attention of those who focus on Demi Rose.

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And they did it in a spectacular way, as the two young businesswomen visited the river and ended up taking off their clothes completely, thus wearing one of the most liked silhouettes on the internet.

These are 2 publications, one on each twin’s instagram, where we can see how they greatly enjoyed their day bathing in the river, a very relaxing and pleasant activity that ended up spreading their pleasure to their followers.

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Pauline began with a very reserved photo in which she is in the water and covering what is necessary so as not to attract much attention, however, delighting the users who came to see her and with a face that made several melt.

For her part, Mathile did not beat around the bush and started with everything, because the first photograph is of her standing in the water, showing off her entire body, without any shame, because as she would be ashamed of such a spectacular figure, she is quite generous, as she wishes share it with us.


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The instagramers have more than 11.5 million followers between the 2, looking beautiful for their beloved audience who is totally in love with them. They spend their lives traveling and modeling their beautiful designs, as they are the owners of a bikini company that bears the name of Khassani, where they promote their creations all over the planet, being themselves the best to model them.

If we look at their profile we can realize the great trips they have had, because the two girls not only travel to beaches, but to forests, cities or wherever there is a beautiful place to take pictures and look fantastic.

And although they usually have solo photos, but they cannot miss the opportunity to show off together on some occasions, something that has captivated the internet, because some beautiful twins are something that every man likes and even some girls, who also do present to comment on compliments.

Demi Rose is trembling, as the young women could steal the attention of lovers of skin and curves.