Without any regrets, Aislinn Derbez takes off her blouse. Let me see more!

Without any regrets, Aislinn Derbez takes off her blouse Let us see more! (EFE)

Without any regrets, Aislinn Derbez takes off her blouse. Let me see more! | .

The Mexican actress, Aislinn Derbez, She had no shame when she took off her blouse and bra to pose with only a tiny shorts showing her rebellious side, leaving very little to the imagination of her millions of followers on social networks.

The beautiful daughter of Eugenio Derbez challenged the censorship of the Instagram social network by sharing a photograph in which she appears posing no bra and with just a small denim shorts.

This is how Aislinn assured that she had been unhappy with her body for years, however, now she has begun to perform various activities that have allowed her to have confidence in herself once again.

Aislinn Derbez is one of the most talented, fun, charismatic and beautiful actresses in show business and it is thanks to her social networks that both the beauty and the personality of the actress can be evidenced.

It is worth mentioning that it is through her official Instagram account that she shares her lifestyle, which consists of work, hobbies and her facet as a mother.

Although he usually shares photographs showing off his appeal, on several occasions he has surprised his millions of followers posing very naturally, such was the case with this photograph of which we will show you.

In said photograph, Aislinn she posed only with a denim shorts revealing her torso and breasts, thus showing her incredible figure that thanks to her dedication she has managed to obtain.

I think that 3 years ago I had not felt so comfortable with my body. I had done very little exercise in the last 3 years because I focused more on my motherhood process and the extreme hormonal adjustments that I experienced, “she wrote in the publication.

In this way, I also point out that thanks to exercise, she has been able to improve her physical appearance a lot, of course, counting on a deep motivation to help her achieve it.

Some of the activities that I mention that she does are yoga, dancing, running, walking, swimming, because for her it is not enough just to go to the gym, so she opts for other options.

And once you start, you don’t want to quit. As @JaimeKohen told me the other day, to achieve constant balance we need 3 constant things: physical movement, moments of meditation or introspection and therapy, “he added.

No doubt Aislinn continues to captivate her millions of fans, who are always on the lookout for her, closely follow both her professional projects and her personal life and although this photograph was shared at the end of last year it is still remembered and continues to accumulate reactions for what until the At the moment, it has almost 800,000 likes and endless comments.

How beautiful “,” What beautiful legs you have “,” Great body after having babies “,” SPECTACULAR “,” Now you are much prettier … !!! “,” Great advice !! Congratulations on achieving that balance “, were some of the many comments.

Click here to see Aislinn’s photo.

The Derbez family continues to be successful in their artistic careers, whether together or separately they have managed to have great projects; A year ago they were all seen together in their series where they showed the adventures and some problems they faced as a family while enjoying their vacations.

Likewise, individually they have more work to do, as in the case of Aislinn Derbez, the comedian’s eldest daughter, who has been one of the protagonists in the series “La Casa De Las Flores”, however, she also has relationships with brands of clothes for which she models.

Despite the fact that more than two years ago she gave birth to her little daughter that she has in common with Mauricio Ochmann, Aislinn She has an enviable figure, since it seems that motherhood did not go through her, as she continues to look slim and toned.

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