Without any garment! Manelyk and Jawy, show off photography

Without any garment!  Manelyk and Jawy, show off photography (Instagam)

Without any garment! Manelyk and Jawy, show off photography | Instagam

Hearing the word “Mawy“Maybe you will immediately identify it, it refers to Manelyk and Jawy, one of the most controversial couples in entertainment but also one of the most beloved, recently appeared in a video where they appear together without any garment.

The couple met on the reality show Acapulco Shore a few years ago, both appeared in the first season, which was launched in 2014, after seven seasons the couple both together and individually have become two great celebrities.

The fact that they are “The couple” of reality has made it even more exciting, especially because throughout the chapters in each and every one of the seasons in which we have seen them together they have always shown their natural and original side , which is perhaps the reason why their fans adore them, especially Mane who today has surpassed several colleagues (including Celia Lora) having a greater number of followers.

Manelyk and her boyfriend Jawy have managed to become a great team together, however it is Mane who has managed to stand out even more from all the characters in Aca Shore.

Surely you know how popular “Los Mawy” has been that they began to collaborate with MTV to make their own reality show, in it we have had the opportunity to learn a little more about their relationship, which the Internet users are fascinated by.

Their success has been so great that they recently launched the second season, something quite interesting because the couple had to move to a ranch for a while, this is owned by the Mane family, it is said that they asked them for help so the second season remained perfect for this new adventure together.

On the official Instagram of Manelyk We have seen photographs with her boyfriend on several occasions, she also shares content in her stories, recently she decided to share part of one of the episodes of her reality show perhaps, something quite interesting appears in it.

Mane gave a photograph to Jawy where both appear from the back but without any garment, he is watching it and shows it on cameras, when she asks him if he likes her boyfriend, he answers that he does, resulting in great emotion on his part and pouncing on him to give him a tender kiss.


As you know Manelyk and Jawy have enviable figures, which their fans are fascinated by because in addition to getting along so well, both are beautiful and arguably even perfect, as their figures are something from another world, according to some Internet users.

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It is wrong said: “leave you”, because your partner does not have to let you do anything, he is your boyfriend, he is not your owner, “said Mane in the video.

Apparently the video that the beautiful model, businesswoman and also Instagram personality shared as part of a test for her boyfriend, which evidently was the reason for her joy.

Mane has been characterized by being a very determined woman in what she does, not only in her personal life but also in business, to her surprise she shared that she was surprised to realize that she was indeed very good at it, not because nothing has taken advantage of her popularity and she has become an important woman not only in social networks but as a businesswoman.

Surely in a long time we will continue to be surprised with each of the occurrences, displays of affection and his own adventures with Jawy.

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