Without any garment Ashley from Ha * Ash Run while being natural!

Without any garment Ashley from Ha * Ash Run while being natural! (Instagram Ha * ash)

Without any garment Ashley from Ha * Ash Run while being natural! | Instagram Ha * ash

The group Ha * Ash has marked a whole generation with their music and lyrics of their songs that they have conquered so much, especially teenagers for a few years, today the sisters continue to draw attention not only for the birth of the Hanna’s daughter but because of the fact that Ashley appeared in a video running without any garment because of the snow.

Since they began their careers in music, Hanna and Ashley Pérez have remained in the preference of the female audience, the sisters were 16 and 14 years old, both decided to create the group Ha * ash in 2002 in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States, to this day they are still active.

Since both celebrities became known in Mexico with their single “I hate loving you” their fame began to grow immediately, their millions of fans had the opportunity to meet them through their interviews, magazine appearances and others, however today in day with technology we have managed to know even more details about his career and also about his personal life.

If you are a fan of the duo you will know how much Hanna like Ashley they are quite close, so it lends itself to the two having the habit of continually joking, although it is Ashley who has always stood out for being a little more expressive and irreverent.

With her independent and always intrepid personality, she began with a photograph next to her sister at the end of one of the carnival celebrations of the Mardi Gras, both appear in the publication launched a day ago, in it they appear together as usual in both, extremely happy wearing some pearl and feather necklaces, in addition to a fairly carnival edition with a large large mask in the upper corner and others more to the background.

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Hanna wore denim pants, a cotton blouse and a denim jacket adorning her outfit with a necklace made of various colored feathers.

As for Ashley, she was wearing a black sleeveless top and black pants, in her hair we found a very colorful little hat as well as the various small and large pearl necklaces.

The second image that appears in said publication in a video where apparently it is Ashley who is running in the snow, although her face is not distinguished, it is believed that it is her by the figure since she is taller than her sister, the interesting thing is that she is running through the snow wearing only a pair of boots. out there it is completely natural.


In the description of the video they mentioned “That’s how it started and that’s how it ended” followed by several emojis making clear reference to a party and the written representation of a smile.

The publication has so far more than 231 thousand red hearts and more than four thousand comments, among which they highlight that Ashley She is always very witty and it does not even seem surprising to them because she usually makes this type of occurrence, perhaps that is why she is so loved by her fans.

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The official Ha * Ahs Instagram account has more than three million 900 thousand followers, it would not be a surprise if after this they begin to have more followers.

Two sisters traveling the world through music “, description of his Instagram.

It is likely that the place where they were is Houston where Hanna currently lives and where a snowstorm is said to have struck a few days ago across the United States.