Pau Gasol He does not think about the withdrawal despite the long recovery time and ensures that he has undergone surgery twice to be able to have “the opportunity to continue playing” almost at his 40 years.

05/09/2020 at 10:52


Europa Press

Gasol He has not played an official game since March 10, 2019, defending the Milwaukee Bucks jersey, precisely in San Antonio against the Spurs, his previous team. When asked about his future and a possible withdrawal, Sant Boi prefers to be cautious.

“That is one of the questions that reflects that uncertainty of the future. I do not know,” he said in statements to TVE. “I have put myself twice in the operating room to be able to give myself the opportunity to continue playing basketball,” added the Catalan player, who will turn 40 on July 6.

“It is also a little confusing the fact that time is in my favor or could go against me. On the one hand, it can give me a little more margin to recover my foot, but on the other it increases my downtime and not competition and all that does not play in my favor, “acknowledged the eldest of the Gasol.

Lastly, the Spanish international assured that it is time to “put differences aside” to join and emerge stronger as a society after the coronavirus pandemic. From the United States states that “everyone has to work for a common solution. This is not the time for criticism and tension, I know that sometimes they are inevitable and very human, but you have to be constructive at this time, “he settled.