With Windows 11, Microsoft returns to a major update a year

Among the many news that were known with the presentation of Windows 11, one went almost unnoticed. Starting with its new operating system, Microsoft will adopt the only one major update per year. In this way, the Redmond company will re-implement a modality that is already standard in the industry.

The news was confirmed by the firm in its Plan for Windows 11. In this way, the company abandons the cycle of two major updates per year that it had incorporated during the launch of Windows 10.

Microsoft’s previous plan was ambitious, but updates generally came with noticeable drawbacks. Lack of stability and performance issues were quite common during Windows 10 updates, and the firm doesn’t want to fall for the same thing again.

One major update per year, Microsoft’s new plan starting with Windows 11

Windows 11

As mentioned by those in Redmond, Starting with Windows 11, each major update will arrive during the second half of the year.. In this way, Microsoft will have more time available to introduce more polished software, less prone to crashes and with more new functions.

The company ensures that Windows updates, starting with the new version of the operating system, will be up to 40% smaller. This will imply a drastic improvement in the download and installation times of the software. It is worth clarifying that, during the rest of the year, minor updates will continue to be delivered, aimed at addressing bugs or security issues.

On the other hand, Microsoft also announced the life cycle of the different versions of Windows 11 that will reach the market. Home, Pro, Pro for Workstations, and Pro for Education editions will be supported for 24 months from their general release. Meanwhile, the Enterprise and Education variants will be supported for a period of 36 months.

Microsoft still did not announce a specific date for the release of Windows 11, although he said that they will begin with the update on compatible devices at the end of the year. An early version of the OS will be available from next week to members of the Windows Insider program.

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