with up to 30 people and option to share screen

Group video calls on Telegram had been available in the beta of the application for some time, but finally have officially landed on the stable version. This has been made known by Telegram through its official blog, where in passing it has detailed some of the most interesting functions.

Basically, group video calls are an evolution of the voice chats that were already available. The difference is that now you can activate the camera to see our faces with up to 30 people. In principle, group video calls should already be available in the apps for iOS, Android and PC.

Telegram joins video calls

As we said, group video calls are a kind of addition to group voice chats. While the participants in the voice rooms are unlimited, the video will only be available to the first 30 people to join those voice rooms.

On the other hand, in addition to activating the camera we can share screen (or do both at the same time). What’s more, Telegram claims that the 30-person limit will increase “as voice chats broadcast video games, live events and more,” so there appears to be intentions to take these video calls a bit further.

Regarding support, video calls are available on mobile phones, tablets and PC. On the mobile we can see a grid with the participants and fix one of them on the screen by clicking on his face, while on tablets we have different grids to see more or fewer people. On the PC, video calls open in a separate window, have a selective shared screen and a specific program can be streamed.

This is one of the news that has come to Telegram in the new version, but it is not the only one. The app has also been updated with animated wallpapers, animations when sending messages, a new menu for bots and new ways to import stickers, among other functions.

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