With transparent dress Ana Cheri highlights her charms!

With a transparent dress Ana Cheri highlights her charms! | Instagram

In a publication that Ana Cheri made on her Instagram account a few weeks ago, she can be seen as a flirtatious queen, wearing a transparent dress that left his huge charms.

The model American always looks for a way to stand out with his posts on Instagram, most of the time he manages to do it and grow.

Undoubtedly Ana Cheri offers more than expected, not for nothing thanks to its popularity has it become a celebrity and not only in social networks but also in the industry as a businesswoman.

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Cheri was wearing a long peach chiffon dress that was totally transparent but did not reveal anything unpopular besides a small crown on her head like a queen.

Keep your head up so your crown doesn’t fall off, “wrote Ana Cheri.

It was on May 16, 2020 that he shared this image, it was his birthday where he thanked his fans for the support they have given him over the years and especially for the strength he has achieved thanks to the criticism .

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With a nice message for her fans, the fitness coach, model and businesswoman affirmed that those who know her will know that her birthday makes her sad, however she tried to be animated and proud of what she had achieved.

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