With this trick you can export and save complete conversations in the instant messaging application

It is becoming more and more important to record WhatsApp conversations.

If you are one of those users who give some value to some chats, and the memory of your device does not give for more, then this trick that we are going to present may interest you.

Saving files in the cloud is becoming more and more common among users. In addition, the great tools offer better storage services on the web that allow the user to save things that they did not save before.

That is the case of WhatsApp chats, which at first may look very temporary, but depending on the value that the person gives it, it can become a difficult element to erase.

Here is how you can export and save a WhatsApp chat

Export chats

The step by step to export a conversation and save it in the cloud is the following:

Open WhatsApp
Select Settings
Click on Chats
Swipe down until you get to Chat History
By clicking on the previous option you will see the option to export chats
At that moment the chats that you have open in WhatsApp will appear and you must select the one you want to save
The application will ask you if you want to add the files that accompany the chat or if you want it to be just text.

And voila, when you save it, you will have a file for eternity on your computer that can only be read from a mobile device with WhatsApp.