With this trick you can add a contact to WhatsApp without having to know their number | Technology

Adding a new contact on WhatsApp is getting easier and easier. Always with the permission of the other person, in a matter of seconds you can share the data and start chatting.

It is no longer necessary to be dictating the phone out loud for the other person to make a missed call or send us a message. WhatsApp has developed a new method to add contacts using QR codes.

You meet a person in the office or on the terrace of a bar and you want to keep in touch, it is as simple as making a QR code scan with WhatsApp to be able to add to each other without the rest of the people present being able to hear the conversation and write down the phone number.

The process is very simple, it only takes three steps and you can start talking to each other on WhatsApp or by phone calls. We are going to explain how to do it so that when the moment arises you know what to do.

Follow the steps below to activate the QR code on WhatsApp or the application code scan. If you have any questions, you can use the screenshots that we leave you above.

Open the WhatsApp application and click on it vertical three dots menu in the upper right corner. Access the section Settings. At the top, on the right side, next to the name and profile picture there is a QR code symbol. It is small so it can go unnoticed. Inside you will see two options: one generates a QR code on the screen and the other open the scanner. Choose one of the two options and have the other person choose the other option. When reading the code both mobiles give each other permission to exchange information and generate a new chat conversation. The last step is write in chat “Hello”, for example, and thus the conversation and the contact are permanently recorded. You can also include the contact on the phone through WhatsApp.

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This method is faster than the traditional one and somewhat safer. Even so, You have to be careful. If we leave the mobile unattended and we do not have protection with passwords or biometric systems, they could add us without our permission in a Spam account.

If this happens you can always block that contact that has added you without your permission, but Prevention is better than cure, since the data theft would have already taken place. Therefore it is advisable to protect the phone with a password and systems such as fingerprint and facial recognition and do the same with WhatsApp that also offers that option. Thus the intruder would have to circumvent several walls to access our data.