With this tool you can find your phone clapping

It may seem silly, but really this app is more useful than you think.

Our behavior when losing our mobile device always consists of trying to call to listen to the sound of the smartphone at home or in the space where we think the cell phone may be.

However, we repeatedly have the cell phone in Silent mode and the task of discovering the place where the cell phone is is difficult.

That is why applications that sound at such times are very useful. Among those examples we find the application « Clap to Find My Phone ».

Clap to Find My Phone

As its name indicates, the person when downloading and installing this application will have a tool capable of ringing just at the moment of clapping near the phone.

It may seem strange that just in that moment of despair you clap your hands to be able to activate an alarm on the device, but it is a very useful way to find the smartphone.

The harder you clap, the faster you can find it.

Different options offered

In the download description, the application points out various activation functions, such as:

1. Turn on the phone’s vibration:
When your phone is lost under the sofa seat, the alarm sound is not heard, the vibration helps you find the phone.
2. Turn on the flashlight:
To make it easier to find your lost phone in the dark.
3. Flashlight frequency:
The flashing light frequency also helps to detect the phone in the dark from a distance.
4. Alarm sound:
Some common emergency alarm sounds have been added to make it easier to find your phone. But you can also select any of the phone’s built-in ringtones.