With this scanner you can extract tables and then export them to Excel

Scan, export and edit a table with the same tool.

Nowadays it is very easy to scan any document with your cell phone. Currently there are various applications that facilitate this work, and in addition to digitizing the file, exporting it from the device makes it editable.

The options vary, but there is one in particular that you should consider if you regularly work with calculation tables.

This time we will talk about Docsumo, a new and useful scanner for smartphones that could be of great help to you.

Business scanner

The application serves a purpose and it is to offer business solutions regarding the digitization of administrative tasks.

It allows, among other things, to facilitate document management and analysis, through a fast and secure scan, capable of exporting tables and converting them into Microsoft Excel documents without problems.

This allows users to conveniently edit any table or other file that they want to modify.

Free features

Docsumo started out as a paid service, but over time it provided some cool features for free and one of them is Extract Tables.

From its download description, with this tool it is possible to capture tables and recognize key-value binomials from scanned images or PDF files,

In addition, after scanning and before exporting you can manually verify the data and correct it if required.

The scanned table can be exported in XLSX format so that it can be edited without problems in a spreadsheet processor.