With this parody, they denounce the full stores in the Good End

It is no secret to anyone that in the middle of this tenth edition of the Good End, that one of the great concerns of the authorities, establishments and some consumers was the large number of people who could meet at the different points of sale.

The reason is none other than the risks that agglomerations pose in the midst of the health emergency.

Given the health emergency and the market’s need to reactivate the economy, this year’s Good End is being carried out under strict security protocols.

In addition to maintaining a healthy distance, repeatedly sanitizing the spaces of common and constant use as well as maintaining a capacity of 30 percent, the establishments and clients that are part of the Good End should consider some situations that will be prohibited according to the authorities mentioned before.

Among them are the following:

No groups. Purchases must be made individually and without children.
The entry of clients who do not wear face masks or who have inappropriate behavior are prohibited
Access will be denied to clients with visible symptoms compatible with Covid-19.
The use of rest and common areas will not be allowed.
Personnel in boxes (which should be reduced to a single employee) should avoid handling merchandise.
The use of changing rooms in stores will not be allowed
It is forbidden to try on the garments inside the establishment.
Customer tastings are suspended.
Gift wrapping and box services will be prohibited.

Taking into account the rebound that electronic commerce has had and the distance security it offers to the customer, the Mexican Association of Online Sales (AMVO) predicts that purchases from this channel represent 30 percent of total sales made in the good end.

Although these measures were promoted by the organizing companies of this promotional initiative, the truth is that some users have reported that many of these restrictions are not being respected.

These complaints have come in a particular way. Using a TikTok filter that is a parody of a classic promotional spot, users have started posting images of crowded shopping malls, in places like Mexico City that are at risk of returning to the red light.

Although the Good End is vital to reactivate the economy in the country, the truth is that in the face of new security measures and hygiene protocols, promotions of this nature have proven to be a magnet for foolish consumers who, faced with offers that are especially attractive, forget all safety regulations.

Stores and other points of sale would have to take special care at this point, in order not to seek fines and closures that could be a greater loss than expected earnings.

In this sense, it is enough to see what happened with some points of sale that have already been closed throughout the country.

Facts reported by local media warned that last Monday night the Liverpool store was closed, accused of skipping the safety protocols designed by the State Health Safety Committee, for which it was sanctioned with the closure of the establishment on days 10 and 11 November, along with a financial fine.

In the middle of the third day of the Good End, in the same way, the closures of new establishments were announced for failing to comply with sanitary measures where brands such as Suburbia and Coppel are involved.

In the case of Coppel, the closure was reported in the community of Monclova, Coahuila, where vigilantes from the Municipal Ecology department suspended the establishment because the store staff failed to take the temperature of visitors when entering the store , while the sanitizing mat, whose use is mandatory, was dry.