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Forget about dead spots without internet and coverage problems: with this pack of three WiFi Mesh routers you will have a good connection throughout your home. Take advantage of the fact that they are on sale on Amazon for only 119.99 euros.

Having a good internet connection at home is essential, especially now that teleworking is so common. Today, we need to connect from anywhere in our home, whether to make video calls, consume streaming content or play video games.

If the router that your operator gives you does not offer you the adequate features to get the most out of your internet connection, pay attention because this offer interests you. Amazon has lowered this pack of three D-Link Mesh WiFi routers and now you can buy them for only 119.99 euros.

We are talking about pack of three WiFi Mesh D-Link COVR-1103 routers, which usually cost 151.90 euros. Therefore, thanks to this offer you save more than 30 euros on your purchase, so it is a good opportunity to save and get this kit at a cheaper price.

Mesh WiFi rotors system that replicates the internet connection to eliminate dead zones or with low speed. They have a 1 Gigabit Ethernet port and automatic network roaming when you move around your house.

D-Link COVR is a mesh router system that extends the coverage of your WiFi network, avoiding dead zones, while improving speed and efficiency when connecting any of your devices. This technology solves the problems of WiFi coverage that causes loss of connection or reduced browsing speed when you try to connect from the rooms furthest from the router.

Thanks to these qualities, this pack of WiFi Mesh routers from D-Link it is perfect for homes where there is a lot of interference for the wireless connectionsuch as walls, multiple floors, or rooms away from the main router.

If you are going to buy a router, you need to know the latest innovations that have emerged in recent months, such as the latest Wi-Fi standard, security or the technologies that will make your connection reach every corner of the house. In this guide we explain you in detail.

The D-Link COVR-1103 system offers a dual band WiFi connection with a transfer speed of up to 1,200 Mbps. The three nodes can be configured and controlled with great ease through a very simple app, which also allows you to create schedules, block devices, check the status of the network or see who is connected, among other functions.

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