“With the sea as a witness!” … Alex Fernández marries in spiritual ceremony

“It is an exquisitely elegant design; made entirely of beaded lace, this mermaid-cut wedding dress stands out for its sober V-neckline and illusion back, with a medium cauda and stowaways to pick it up,” he explained. Clarissa, who also shared that the bride has a refined taste and that she attended her tests with her mother.

Cota She explained that the last adjustments of the garment were a quick process, which was part of the last 2020: “It was her favorite, she was very elegant, always looking for something different, but classic and she wanted something simple, sober in a mermaid cut. Always very pretty in all the appointments that came.

Rosa Clará supervised the design and manufacture of the dress Alexia chose. (Special)

“She decided on the model in the first one and the rest were adjustments, the whole team was accompanying her during the process. She wanted the dress for a beach ceremony that was symbolic. It was designed and made in Barcelona by Rosa Clará“, abounded Clarissa. The floral headdress was authored by Lourdes Escanes.

Cota he told us about the process he went through Alexia: “It was really quick, we have a dressmaker service, she came to two tests, within the month of June, we recommend that she not come earlier because the last month is when brides lose weight the most, she especially was a first test, a second and then the delivery. “

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