with the new Ray-Ban the metaverse looks better

Facebook: with the new Ray-Ban the metaverse looks better

Facebook-A just introduced your new smart glasses. Augmented reality glasses with which you can listen to music, receive phone calls, take photo captures of what you are watching and make short videos with voice commands. All this of course with the possibility of being able to share them through Facebook and its services. And at the price of $ 299.

Facebook tweet about the announcement of the new smart glasses Facebook tweet about the announcement of the new smart glasses

Facebook tweet about the announcement of the new smart glasses

It is one of those presentations in which Mark Zuckerberg has been directly involved, who debuts as a model of glasses in this collaboration with Ray-Ban EssilorLuxottica, the 1952 Wayfarer, a classic more fashionable than ever. And it is that as the founder of Facebook announced in the presentation of results, despite the fact that advertising continues to be the watchword and great architect of the company’s profits, the metaverse is your future And in that, in what really interests him, is what Zuckerberg has been working on for a long time and that will replace the mobile Internet.

This will be the first attempt, but Facebook is clear that this fusion in which it wants to enter fully, half reality half virtuality, has a long way to go. In fact, the scientist responsible for these glasses has recognized that there are still five to ten years left to create true augmented reality glasses, in which the virtual objects will be superimposed on the vision of the real world of whoever uses them.

For now, if we pay attention to the march of the value, we see that the news continues to sit well in the market, we see that it revalues ​​almost 1% in the week, it is close to a 5% rise in the month, with advances that touch 15% quarterly and 43% in the last six months for Facebook. So far this year the social network has gained 43% in its price.

Facebook share price Facebook share price

Facebook share price

But the truth is that they still persist the warnings on the orientation of the benefits in the third and fourth quarters of the year. Above all, the “significantly” in the middle of the phrase of the slowdown in growth in total revenue, and that led to a bad reading of its good results for July. We will see at the end of October in his next presentation as reflected, in their accounts, that slowdown.

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The level of recovery of advertising will be essential, its great bulwark, the main reason, as in Google, for the improvement in its figures this year. This sustained recovery of the market, although everything has a limit.

At the moment experts are very cautious about the value on Wall Street. We talk about the changes of HSBC, which has improved its recommendation on the value this September from $ 275 price action target to $ 300 and his advice rises from reduce to hold. However, since Rosenblatt his bet on Facebook is reduced to neutral from buying with a high PO of $ 400. The same occurs with Arete Research, which places its target price at 381, reducing the recommendation on the value to neutral.

During the summer the improvement of the price target of the stock has been evident, with average recommendations of 400 dollars a share and even higher, up to $ 500 Credit Suisse, Wall Street’s highest PO on the stock. While the average of the advice collected by TipRanks is purchase of Facebook with 23 of the 28 analysts who follow the value, 4 choose to keep it and one to sell. Your median price target, $ 420 per share with a potential advance of 10.93% for the stock.

Facebook recommendations on value Facebook recommendations on value

Facebook recommendations on value

Another open front always, although now it seems that at the moment in the background for Facebook is the regulation. Ireland just imposed on Zuckerberg’s company the second largest fine in the European Union for data protection: 225 million euros because he is accused of not inform its users about the management of their private data, which he shares with WhatsApp and Instagram, two companies of the group. The company studies the presentation of an appeal considering the disproportionate fine.

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