WITH THE CHAMPIONS – Dennis Springer’s no-hitter

TO The purpose of the no-hitter game that five bulls pitchers threw in front of the Licey in the capital last Monday is the occasion to remember that this Sunday marks the 29th anniversary of the no-hitter thrown alone by the imported Dennis Springer. On Friday, November 22, 1991, Springer, who was a knuckle thrower, wearing the Tigers uniform, defeated the Stars 1-0 at Tetelo Vargas Stadium and allowed no hits for 9 innings.

I had the privilege of transmitting that game as a member of the chain of Stars, together with the stellar narrator from Cibaeño Mendy López and the unforgettable professor Juan Nova Ramírez, who died a few years ago, who was the commercial voice.

Springer’s feat had the peculiarity that the American pitcher conceded 7 transfers in the match. I remember his knuckle was moving impressively and catcher Gilberto Reyes struggled to handle this pitch.

Springer was very out of control in the first innings and in total gave up 7 walks in the game, 3 in the first inning, two in the third and two in the fourth. He struck out 5 opponents and ended up retiring 16 of the last 17 batters he faced. The only player to reach base after the fourth inning was Francisco Laureano, who in the sixth inning with two outs reached first on an error by shortstop Greg Carmona.

The only run of the game was scored by the Tigers in the fourth inning, when Tito Bell started with a single to right field, moved to third base on two deflected pitches from the All-Star starter, Bienvenido Rivera and scored on Bernardo’s sacrifice fly. Brito to the central meadow.

The Licey lineup was, Greg Carmona, SS; Tito Bell, 2B; Henry Rodríguez, LF; Bernardo Brito, BD; Brian Traxler, 1B; JR González, CF; Silvestre Campusano, RF; Gilberto Reyes, C and Juan Guerrero, 3B. While the Stars presented the following line-up, Luis Mercedes, CF; Scott Meadows, LF; Dion James, 1B; Francisco Cabrera, BD; Francisco Laureano, 3B; Andrés Santana, 2B; Miguel Sabino, RF; Rubén Rodríguez, C and Manny Alexander, SS. (Thanks to colleagues Tony Piña and Tony Grullón for their contributions to this column).