With only threads Anastasia Kvikto held her swimsuit!

With only threads Anastasia Kvikto held her swimsuit! (Instagram)

With only threads Anastasia Kvikto held her swimsuit! | Instagram

So far the model Anastasia Kvikto She is known as “The Russian Kim Kardashian”, a nickname attributed to her thanks to her enormous charms, which on this occasion you can enjoy seeing in a tiny black swimsuit with which she barely holds on to a few thin threads.

Despite said nickname it could be said it has brought a little more fame to the russian model She does not seem to like her at all, she does not like to be compared to Kendall Jenner’s older sister, although she has nothing against her and considers that Kim Kardashian is a beautiful and simple woman, she does not believe that “the resemblance” between the two So much so that they have nicknamed her that, and even she herself claims that she is much prettier than the businesswoman, she mentioned this during an interview on a television program in the United States.

Although it is normal that a person born in Russia is known for not being someone so smiling due to their cold humor, it could be said that this does not apply to the pretty Anastasia Kvikto Well, during several interviews she has been seen enjoying and smiling a lot, in addition to that she moved to the United States when she was a teenager.

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The beautiful brown-eyed blonde currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States, has managed to become a celebrity in social networks, thanks to this several companies collaborate with her to promote their products and services and even clothes, thanks to their Almost 12 million followers on Instagram, each of your posts can have quite a high reach.

Some of what her fans like the most that she promotes in her publications are swimsuits, especially those that are tiny, although to tell the truth, any piece that she uses looks quite small thanks to its enormous charms both upper and back.

In one of his publications, he left his followers more than impressed, this could be considered his smallest swimwear as well as daring, it is strapless, it is held with two tiny pieces of thread and the same for the bottom, easily more than one of his followers caused their hearts to race.


In the image Anastasia Kvikto he only just put “Swimwear“He also tagged the company he is promoting, as for his followers, as usual, they have given him more than 200 thousand like’s, and as for the comments, some are quite graphic that out of respect for our readers, they are not we will put them.

Thanks to her figure which does not do her any justice being in a photo than in video, because if you have paid attention when she has had the opportunity to appear on television she looks much more daring, this also in large part because she wears dresses quite close to the body.

Even though when Anastasia Kvikto He moved to the United States, he did not speak much English today, he defends himself quite well, apparently he also speaks very little Spanish from when he was living in Miami, Florida where he learned to enjoy the Latin culture, which he said he liked a lot. especially the rhythms.

In her short career she has been compared with another one could say “partner” who is also a model but of British origin, we talk about the beautiful Demi Rose with whom she is much more similar than Kim Kardashian, in some photographs they could easily pass as twin sisters and it is that they have coincided with some similar looks.

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