With only strips Jennifer Lopez shows off figure at 51 years old!

With only strips Jennifer Lopez shows off figure at 51 years old! | Instagram

It seems that Jennifer Lopez is not enough to show off her charms with beautiful outfits, but now she also wears her exquisite figure And he does it using only a few strips, revealing all his splendor at 51 years of age.

While one of his millions of fans shared a post in which Jennifer Lopez who up to now is one of the biggest celebrities of the show, appeared showing his figure with an outfit of the most tiny and charming.

Several of the Internet users who commented on the publication of the Internet user who shared the Photos of the ex-wife of Marc Anthony They have expressed their opinion about their body because they refer to the routine that they carry out to achieve that figure.

It was through an account of Twitter where these photos were published that we immediately remember apparently the last film in which the interpreter of “On The Floor“titled” Hustlers. “

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In the images she appears both from the front and from the back, the one on the left side is where she is on her back, with her hair down and small black strips that cover her parts, but that reveal her posterior charms.

As for the second image on the right, it is already shown from the front with the same design as in the first image, only that we can already appreciate a little more his suit and the material with which it seems to be made, this could be latex by the brightness shown in the picture.


It should be noted that both photographs have an intense red light so they give an even more striking touch to the place where the image is located. singer and actress.

The publication was made this Friday, May 14, on the account of @ elyta_1106, where she practically prayed to God that being 51 years old, like the Diva of the Bronxs, she would have the same figure and presence as her.

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Before this request to God, several Internet users decided to comment on some things that were surely the most entertaining, on the one hand there were those who supported her, but others were simply a little more crude when saying the reality of things which mostly consisted of of a lot of work and effort.

Still others mentioned the fact that thanks to his fortune JLo I had the opportunity to pay for cosmetic repairs, creams and everything related to the enhancement of female beauty.

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Something that several Internet users agreed on is that the figure in the end did not count so much, if you did not have happiness and love in your life, although for some it is more than important, surely it is not everything in this life.

In addition to the fact that La Diva del Bronxs is dedicated precisely to living off her figure, so she must surely maintain a strict margin of discipline in both exercise and diet, something that not everyone can or has the opportunity to have this type of life.

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During the last weeks the name of Jennifer Lopez has been in trend constantly not only for her projects that by the way more than one of her followers are so eager to know her new movie “Shotgun wedding“just like his new music.

Surely for many more years the beautiful singer and businesswoman will continue to be a celebrity with the worthy synonym of beauty and glamor that alters the senses of her audience just by hearing about her.

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