With only sneakers? Yanet García uncovers unknown and something else

With only sneakers? Yanet García uncovers unknown and something else | Instagram

The beautiful Yanet García once again paralyzed the hearts of her followers on social networks with one of her photographs. The beautiful ex Climate Click He wasted no time and decided to play with the minds of Internet users by revealing that he could have posed for a naughty lens with only a pair of beautiful sneakers.

The young woman who acquired enormous fame thanks to the Hoy Program was seen in her Instagram stories posing on her back, but turning to the camera, with her abundant hair like a great diva and a huge emoji that suggests that she could have posed without a garment some for the session.

The large image superimposed on the photograph only reveals the neck and face of the beautiful Yanet Garcia and on the bottom, a lot of her curves and shapely legs.

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The also actress is currently more active than ever with photographs since she decided to join the list of famous with an exclusive content page. Yanet García is sharing images on Instagram and Twitter, but ultimately, the most exclusive are selected for that page where they charge a subscription.

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The young woman who was romantically linked with Raúl Araiza has been severely criticized, as there are those who claim that she does not teach much on her page and that she even taught more when she did not have it. In protest, some people have shared some of their exclusive photos on Twitter.

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Despite the negative comments, this beautiful woman continues to promote and keep her page moving, something her newest followers greatly appreciate.

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After his departure from Hoy, Yanet has had brief appearances on television; However, his forte has been the fut world and its recommendations that are followed by hundreds of people who follow his social networks.

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