With natural photos Celia Lora launches exclusive discounts

With natural photos Celia Lora launches exclusive discounts | INSTAGRAM

There is probably nothing more attractive for fans of Celia Lora than to see her attractive photographs, although at the moment there could be something much more attractive and it is a 50% discount to be able to access its exclusive exclusive content.

That’s right, the beautiful model mexican It has several pages of exclusive content and has put a 50% discount so that you can access them calmly and enjoy its most attractive existing photographs, some that manage to exceed the limits thanks to the freedom that exists on that website.

The announcement was made by means of a photograph also quite coquette in which it appears totally natural showing its tattoos more hidden and looking at the camera in the most conquering way possible and managing to capture new users.

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The young woman has been growing her social media and more and more people know her and know what new she is doing in her life, which is to produce so many fiery photographs and videos that make Internet users spend excellent moments with her.

But of course he also continues with the creation of usual entertainment, his constant work such as participating in various television programs, such as MTV Acapulco Shock, in which together some guests react to the best moments of Acapulco shore in this case King Grupero was invited.


Through a video placed in the stories of the beautiful Mexican we were able to realize all those who were participating in the recording set motivated and ready to have fun while creating that program in which the faithful admirers of the model arrive to continue enjoying it another little while.

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And those who are even more fans know that he is also playing his role as youtuber by uploading Videos to his own channel and entertaining many Internet users who were browsing the videos page and they found that he also makes some very entertaining clips where he responds questions and where he also takes the opportunity to share with us his beautiful personality.

In Show News we will continue to bring with pleasure the best photographs, the most attractive and of course all that interesting content that arises around the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora, who does not stop growing and improving in everything she does.

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