with magic and vital art in times of pandemic

It was no more than 60 minutes in the cycle face-to-face concerts Saturday afternoon « Sung word » where the actress and singer Carolina del Carmen Peleritti huddled the audience in the National Auditorium.

And they are enough to tell that the value of that time will last in the witnesses.

In front of your « Power trio », with Diego Rolon in guitar Y Amilcar Ábalos on percussion, Peleritti was the singing voice of a sound journey through Latin American folklore.

There were works by Raúl Carnota, Fortunato Juárez, Chango Rodríguez, Chivo Valladares, Arsenio Aguirre, Adolfo Ábalos and anonymous authors.

And we refer to time because with the encores, all those who arrived there left with an appetite of the soul to have one more song. Even those who came to the CCK without having regular contact with folklore, which deserves to ponder all that a voice can offer, the magic guitar of Rolón and the Ábalos’ precise tempo, son of the mythical Alfredo, one of the Santiago brothers who together brought the chacarera from Usuahia to La Quiaca and more.

Since when the lights of the « Blue Whale » dimmed, they invited silence and the artists went up on stage, one by one, the remote spectators in their seats, wearing chinstraps and complying with the protocol, they found themselves again with what only can achieve face-to-face art.

The Peleritti accused the impact: « I feel that emotion that comes from you and takes hold of our chest after a year without live performances. »

The applause marked the consensus to seal that, to all who could and could be there, the same feeling embraced us. Barefoot, in a black dress, under the protection of the precise tones and the rhythmic tour of the stage, the Peleritti delighted her audience.

Even the range of zambas, chacareras, cats and other genera had an ideal mix. As the artist remarked all of the above is promoted in a « wonderful auditorium » such as that room at the CCK, acoustics, lights and intangible but real aura.


Say thanks



And for those who do not follow her step-by-step path, she endorsed – without saying it – that she is enshrined in being nothing more and nothing less than « a pretty face » of those who mark times and endure, but that the construction of art is linked to the forms that are worked to make the interior mirrors sprout.

He certified it by thanking his teacher Sergio Tulián, who died in December of last year, for the singing teachings and more. In his honor, as well as the special mention for Luis Alberto Spinetta and Mercedes Sosa, was one of the dedications of the show.

La Peleritti conjugated the verb to thank so many times that they were able to name, one by one, those who worked to make this show overcome the pandemic.

And it did not redound, because each « thank you » was the message from the audience in the final ovation while she did not want to leave the stage.