With latex and dancing ‘up to the bottom’, Chiquis Rivera wiggled her curves seductively

Chiquis Rivera heats up the networks dancing ‘up to the bottom’.

Photo: JC Olivera. / Getty Images

The daughter of the deceased and missed singer Jenni Rivera, Chiquis Rivera placeholder image, raised the tension again to his followers by posting a video on his account Instagram, in which you can see the also singer shaking her hips and rear guard almost as if she were a professional exotic dancer. Her ‘outfit’ revealed each of her explosive curves and of course, that the comments section exploded with compliments and compliments for the ex of Lorenzo Mendez.

She was wearing black latex leggings very tight to the body and a short blouse tied at the navel on top. As accessories, she wore a hat with gold trim and perfect makeup and hairstyle. Chiquis she is a careful one in everything that refers to skin, cosmetics and even manicures. These are undoubtedly details that you never overlook.

Despite being one of the most important famous ‘curvy’ in the industry, this time her attributes were accompanied by a sensual dance that denoted the flexibility of the artist. And it is that it came down to the bottom Chiquis, just as if you had a glass of water, that easy. There is no doubt that this woman is capable of making anyone suffer a heart attack or at the very least, her imagination is unleashed and without brakes.

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