With kisses Miguel Bosé celebrates his birthday with Galilea Montijo

With kisses Miguel Bosé celebrates his birthday with Galilea Montijo | Instagram

Hugs and kisses were not lacking in the congratulations that presided over the singer, Miguel Bosé on his recent birthday where he would not miss the opportunity to steal a frenzied kiss from one of the drivers, it was Galilea Montijo who was left in the arms of the interpreter of “Am @ nte bandido”

A series of images that the presenter published on her Instagram account were proof of the moments she starred in with Miguel Bosé who at one point ended up planting a good dose of kisses to the driver in one of the transmissions of the remembered program of “Little gigants“,

In recent days “Gali“It would be the one that shared a series of photographs where she appears very funny with the judge of the last program where she collaborated in the conduction and where Bosé served as one of the judges along with the comedian,” Albertano “, Karol Sevilla and Verónica Castro.

Dear @miguelbose happy birthday … we will celebrate as you deserve I adore and miss you, Galilea wrote in the publication that he shared a day ago and with which he honors the anniversary of the musician and actor.

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On the occasion of her birthday, the collaborator of the morning shared funny moments of the beautiful stage they lived during their participation in the “Little Giants” show.

It should be said that the photographs refer to some of the moments in which the famous figures lit up one of the nights of this broadcast. The publication shows three photographs in which Martha Galilea Montijo Torres and the singer-songwriter appear very affectionate, although it was all part of the friendship they both share.

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The romantic moment they starred in began with a claim from the “tapatia” towards the interpreter, who received a greeting from one of the guests on the broadcast, Ana Torroja, who greeted her colleague in a very affectionate way. with a kiss on the mouth.

Hello love, how long has it been without seeing you ?, said the Spanish singer after giving the interpreter an effusive kiss on the lips, I did not know there was so much love, said Verónica Castro.

Why don’t you greet us all like this, we want a kiss like Ana … I’m going! replied the music star.

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Given this, the “former television actress” questioned the 65-year-old artist why he did not greet his companions in that way, so it did not take long for Bosé to get up from his seat and plant a kiss on his companion. .

“La Montijo”, who resisted at first since apparently he did not believe that the singer would take his comment so to heart, however, he took her by the waist and gave her a long kiss on the lips, which remained with him. lip tone worn by the 47-year-old driver, according to scenes from a video that immortalized that moment.

However, the famous one for songs like “Aire Soy”, “Morena Mía”, “Mor! R de amor”, “Olvídame tú”, “Nena” and many other hits, would not be satisfied since after kissing the presenter of the show went to her other classmates and also gave them a kiss on the lips.

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The controversy would not stop there since later, Galilea Montijo and Miguel Bosé polished the track with their best reggaeton steps while the competition judges deduced their verdict for knowing who was the best dancer, relive the moments through this link.