It is an absolute reality: iron It is not among anyone’s favorite tasks, but unfortunately, to attend work or color, you can not postpone it. Grab the iron, heat it up, stretch the clothes on a board and carefully smooth them out, is it a lot of time wasted?

You no longer have to worry or bother about having to iron your clothing: today we tell you how to get rid of annoying wrinkles without the need for an iron. They are 5 foolproof tricks with which, in minutes, you will have your clothes ironed to perfection.

How to remove wrinkles from clothes without iron. The hair dryer is a great alternative to remove wrinkles from clothes.

One of the easiest tricks is « ironing » with hair dryer or iron: It consists of hanging the garment on a hanger and directing the heat of the dryer towards the wrinkled area, insisting until they disappear. In case of deeper and more marked wrinkles, you can use the hair straightener, especially in sleeves and the button area.

Another possibility is to do it with water spray: With the help of a spray, about 30 centimeters away, spray water directly on the wrinkle of the hanging garment. When dry, the treated area will be smooth.

The hair dryer is a great alternative to remove wrinkles from clothes.

With the steam from a teapot It is another ideal option, more than anything in the smallest folds. Heat water in a kettle and wait until it boils. Hold the wrinkled part about 30 centimeters from the steam outlet and you will see how the folds gradually disappear.

You can also « iron » your clothes in the shower. How? It allows you to take advantage of the steam that is generated with the shower water to leave the clothes as freshly ironed. You should only hang the clothes in the bathroom near the shower, but being careful not to get it wet. When you finish showering, the wrinkles will be gone.

Finally, you can also choose with a damp cloth: It consists of placing the garment on a flat surface and putting a damp cloth (a towel or gauze) on it. It is pressed into the wrinkle area while at the same time trying to smooth it out. When the garment dries, the pleats will be a thing of the past.