With just one bodysuit, Mia Khalifa attracted everyone’s gaze!

With just one bodysuit, Mia Khalifa attracted everyone’s gaze! | Instagram

Almost on the verge of slipping out of her garment, the model, actress and businesswoman Mia Khalifa left her fans wanting to see a little more thanks to the bodysuit she was wearing.

For the beautiful Lebanese celebrity to completely hide her huge charms, It has been a bit complicated since being quite voluptuous it could be that sometimes finding clothes that cover them could be difficult.

However despite it Mia khalifa or Mia Callista as she was also known in the film industry, she has no complex to show her figure and with it her enormous charms.

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In his same photo that he shared on Instagram on July 20, 2019, he appears enjoying a delicious dish at a restaurant, possibly Angier from Los Angeles.


Licking one of her fingers and enjoying the delicious dish, the model and businesswoman warned two of her friends not to talk to her or send text messages because she needed to recover from that girls’ night.

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Nowadays, Khalifa has creative freedom and owns her own image, unlike in 2014 when she had to record movies, she has the facility to enjoy her free time and go out to have fun like never before, especially because now she earns what she wants thanks to its content.

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