With his best steps, Carlos Rivera goes crazy on Tik Tok

With his best steps, Carlos Rivera goes crazy on Tik Tok | Instagram

If something distinguishes the singer Carlos Rivera is his talent for dance and one of his most recent choreographies in Tik Tok, he drove his followers crazy again with his energetic movements.

Carlos Rivera placeholder image He is one of the most complete artists in the medium since his career since he graduated from the La Academia reality show has taken him through various scenarios.

Not only his voice and his ability to compose are the gifts with which he remembered “former participant of The Academy“He has stood out, it is his great love for dancing that has also made him one of the favorites for his entire club of” riveristas “.

One of his most recent videos on Tik Tok He unleashed the madness again by showing energetic steps with which he unleashed the madness on his popular social networks.

It’s Friday and the body knows it … #unvelerollamadolibertad #Leyendas, was the message with which the composer and soloist accompanied the new video in which he spread all the rhythm among his followers.

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The publication, which added 373, 856 Likes, was followed by animated comments in which they applauded and praised the interpreter of “What is ours is to stay ours”.

‘Ayeee’, ‘Wepaaa’, ‘Blessed daddy be your mother who had you’, ‘Oh daddy! Blessed be the tree from which they took the wood to make the base of the mattress where your holy parents made passion to make such beauty ‘,

You can tell it’s Vierneeeeeeeesss to drool with you! Really ! How beautiful you are !! What if ! You stir up the cannon hormone !!!, were just some of the comments that the excited fans dedicated to the artist.

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With a set of white pants and a hangover shirt, the “Tik Toker”, ventured into a new video in recent days where he caused total euphoria by showing some of his most marked areas and a series of steps that made him the target of various compliments .

Once again Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra showed that he has become the “king of Tik Tok” despite the fact that at first he was one of those who was reluctant to be part of this popular platform, according to some comments from his fans.

Now the “former television actor” and collaborator of programs where he has served as one of the judges in two past editions of “La Voz Kids” showed the attractiveness that characterizes him by wearing an outfit that revealed his marked arms and a silhouette with which he has shown the fruits of a dedicated fitness life.

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But above all, one of the things that his loyal fans thanked him the most is the way in which the also “theater actor” makes their lives happy.

Thank you for making me happy the day I would make of my life without you and your music.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that the “former researcher of La Máscara”, one of the past television competitions, has been strongly related to the artist Chayanne, it is his presence along with some other of his attributes, characteristics that Netizens have taken the consecrated Puerto Rican star as a reference.

And it is that the followers of both have not stopped showing their admiration for each one, even going so far as to strongly relate them and questioning whether it will now be Carlos Rivera who came to take the place of the singer of “Torero”, who for years has positioned himself as one Big’s.

From: Carlos Rivera, it is in the constitution “, to:” Chayanne is like an intergenerational s3x-symbol, “according to comments on social networks.

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The euphoria that Carlos Augusto Rivera Guerra has managed to awaken in his most loyal followers is undeniable and that is that his energy on and off the stage has become a benchmark for many of the charismatic singer and dancer, Chayanne.

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