With her beauty, Maribel Guardia infects you with hope and love

With her beauty, Maribel Guardia infects you with hope and love (INSTAGRAM)

With her beauty, Maribel Guardia infects you with hope and love | INSTAGRAM

Something very striking about the beautiful Costa Rican driver, Maribel Guardia is who uploads photos every day without exception, this to continue consenting and generating content for her loyal audience, who are always there to support her as well and give her their likes.

On this occasion the also model appeared with a black mini dress that made her look incredibly beautiful, with practically perfect legs and an enviable figure even for any young woman.

There is no doubt that the now influencer Costa Rican knows very well how to work his figure in the gym and of course, if he has been practicing for many years exercise And in fact she has her own personal gym, in which by the way, apart from having her equipment, she has a wall of photos of her covered so she always inspires you to keep going with the whole attitude.

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The photograph was published just six hours ago and already has almost 100,000 I like and thousands of comments in which her fans congratulate her and of course write her compliments and nice things, while she joked a bit with the following: “If we are going to get something, let it be faith, hope and love ♥ ️ happy Thursday”, referring in a very light way to the world situation.

It is incredible how the driver can look so perfect, in fact this time she is wearing a set of clothes from the brand “Klaudeth collection” so she was practicing her skills as a brand model, something that is very fashionable in the influencers of the social networks lately and that shows the great talent of the host.

So far we do not know if Maribel Guardia will return to television, but what we do know is that viewers miss her and ask her to please return even if it is to visit a program to be able to enjoy her excellent personality with which she has achieved make millions of Latin Americans fall in love over the years.

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Of course, if you live in this region, you will have ever seen a product with the face and figure of Maribel Guardia, one of the most recognized and liked women in show business by viewers and also by readers of entertainment magazines, in where he also appeared countless times.

It seems that Maribel will continue to give us beautiful images of herself so that we can spend an excellent time with her and appreciate her beautiful being, something that more than 6.6 million followers are already on the lookout so as not to miss any of its content.

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