With Cofinavit you can buy a house if your salary does not reach

If you want to obtain a property from Infonavit but your income is less than 4 times the Update Measurement Unit, you can review the alternatives offered by Cofinavit so that you have access to a mortgage loan. This option was designed for those who have an income less than that required in Infornavit to obtain their credits.

Here we tell you about the requirements that Cofinavit establishes to grant you the loan, and we suggest you read these general conditions of Cofinavit, which refer to issues such as your age, your salary and the savings you have in a subaccount.

Among the requirements for you to apply for a mortgage loan to Cofinavit are: That you are employed and are a beneficiary of Infonavit, and that you have 116 points. Photo: Reformation.

The mortgage credit that Infonavit grants you jointly with financial entities or banks, before which income is verified in addition to the income you obtain on a regular basis, such as tips or commissions, with which you can aspire to a greater credit for the purchase of A new or used home can occur in various situations, for example:

That your salary depends on other income that may not appear in Infonavit.

That you have a formal job where you earn little but do a second activity that also generates income that does not count for Infonavit.

Requirements established by Cofinavit to grant you a credit

That you are employed and entitled to Infonavit. That you have 116 points. That you prepare your family budget so that you determine if your income and expenses allow you to assume the responsibility of paying the credit on time. That you answer the Infonavit Personalized Advice (API) questionnaire. They will provide you with advice on how to manage your credit. Take the free workshop that you can take online entitled « Know to decide. » That you obtain references from two people who know you and provide their data so that they can be located. That you sign a form in which you authorize the consultation of your data in the Credit Information Societies. This will be done when you register your credit.

Make a prequalification so that you can obtain your credit in Cofinavit. You need to find out about:

The points you have and if you can already process your credit. The savings you have in the Housing Sub-account and the amount that would be added to the credit. The amount of your credit. What would be the discounts that they would give you for the degree, financial and operating expenses. The monthly discount that your employer will give you.

You can prequalify yourself on the Infonavit portal.

The documents you need to process your credit in Cofinavit are:

Application for credit registration. You get it at the Infonavit portal. Original and copy of your birth certificate. Original and copy of your valid official identification: IFE or INE credential, or passport. Original and copy of the valid official identification of your spouse: IFE or INE credential, or passports. Certified birth certificate of your spouse. Original and copy of the marriage certificate. Seller’s bank account statement, with CLABE interbank (copy). Electronic Appraisal and Technical Quality Report of the home to be acquired. The maximum age of the property must be 6 months. Copy of the title deed of the single house or apartment to be purchased.

When you have decided to continue with the process, you can get direct advice at the nearest Infonavit offices, where they will clarify any doubts you may have.

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