With challenge, they revive the appeal of La Feria; will reinforce security

MEXICO CITY. One day after the arrest of 14 youths, after raiding the abandoned facilities of the amusement park, the Chapultepec’s fair, boys continue to enter the property illegally as part of a challenge launched on social networks.

In a tour of the site, several groups were observed that managed to jump the fences and circumvent security to take pictures and record videos in what was once the house of terror or climb the famous roller coaster, the last one in the country built of wood and which dates from 1964.

It is a strategy, we come among several friends, we look for a way to jump; Sometimes we talk to the vigilantes and they ask us how many of us are and they tell us ‘from 200 per head’ and it is easier (to enter the Fair) ”, said Axel Castañeda, who has almost two million followers on TikTok

The walk of youtubers and tiktokeros passed without problems, until police officers from the Tacubaya sector of the Ministry of Citizen Security were alerted.

We wanted to take some photos in the very middle of the roller coaster and we could take one where the aquarium was, but I saw a cop who came running and we had to go out through the secret area (…) I do it for fun and the photos I’m going to upload them to my networks, ”explained Jasiel Calderón.

Two preventive agents went through the area with two guards, but failed to arrest anyone.

The young people point out that there are only two people guarding the park, but they concentrate on the main access and do not make rounds, which facilitates the intrepid adventure.


The Chapultepec Forest Management Directorate, of the Secretary of the Environment (Sedema), reported that the facilities of the Chapultepec Fair are still in charge of the company Operadora de Desarrollo Humano Chapultepec, which lost the concession after the Quimera gaming accident on September 28, 2019.

They point out that because the property has little surveillance, the Chapultepec Forest supports surveillance with the help of the police who are dedicated to protecting other areas abroad.

However, they indicate that, given the recent cases of break-ins, surveillance will be reinforced.

Additionally, they point out that Bosque de Chapultepec staff is contacting people who have recorded and transmitted videos on social networks, in order to remind them that the raid is a crime, that they should not encourage other people to enter the property and that when entering puts their physical integrity at risk.

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