With ace up its sleeve! Program Hoy prepares a new reality show

With ace up its sleeve !, Hoy Program prepares a new reality show | Instagram

Andrea Rodriguez Doria He has already found the formula to obtain a greater audience for the Hoy Program and he does not intend to release it. It is said that Magda Rodríguez’s sister already has an ace up her sleeve now that The Stars Dance Today is about to come to an end.

Andrea Escalona’s aunt found in reality shows a way to regain audience for the morning star of Televisa And that is why, before the end of the dance contest that brought together celebrities and conductors, he is already preparing a new reality show, but now with children.

According to what was said by the journalist Flor Rubio in her radio program on Grupo Fórmula, Today It already has a replacement for the successful Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, but now the protagonists will be the little ones at home.

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According to Rubio, the producer of the television program will continue with the reality show formula with which it went from 800 thousand viewers to one million two hundred thousand people and will add the formula of the little ones, which they assure is infallible.

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It was said that auditions are already being held for the children who will be part of this project and that they should not necessarily know how to dance, but may have other talents such as imitation, taking an instrument and more.

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This reality show, which will be named Los chiquillos en Hoy, will remind many of Little Giants, which was hosted by Galilea Montijo, part of Hoy’s team. The reality show will coincide with the children’s vacations in Mexico, so in addition to playing, the little ones will be able to enjoy this time as a family.

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Meanwhile, the public of the successful program hopes that this Friday the 25th will arrive to know which will be the winning couple of Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, a contest that has had the participation of great stars such as Laura Bozzo, Marisol González, Michelle Vieth and more.

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