With a youthful look, Maribel Guardia looks elegant and fashionable

With a youthful look, Maribel Guardia looks elegant and fashionable | INSTAGRAM

Once again the Costa Rican driver, Maribel Guardia showed that despite the years she continues young and beautifulThis time wearing a very elegant black and white outfit that made her look really pretty.

In this way the beautiful driver keep doing promotion for the brands that work with her, who sell their products and will surely be very happy that you have seen her photo, because you might be interested in buying her pieces of clothing.

Apparently the TV star found a new vocation, that of influencer on social media, one that is very fashionable but not all of them manage to fulfill as she has done is beautiful woman, who now enjoys receiving tens of thousands of likes and comments where she is complimented and congratulated on her excellent modeling work.

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In fact his photo already has more than 20,000 I like in just a few hours, which shows how much attention she has and how effective these posts are in promoting her clothes.

And it is that the also model does not seem to be missing the television forums, she is doing quite well in her social media profile where she has managed to capture a huge audience that admires her and is always aware of everything she does to support her .

Just an hour ago Maribel uploaded a video with her son in which she was walking through the forest exercising in one way or another, always seeking to stay healthy and with a figure that is most enviable even for young women.

There is a method to motivate herself and keep exercising in the gym and that is to cover the walls with her own photographs from when she was young until today, but the surprising thing about this is that the photos really do look very similar they don’t seem to have passed the years for her .

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Her son has already been mentioned, it should be said that just yesterday there were strong rumors that Maribel takes great care of her son and it is said that she even overprotects them and that he has gone through a very difficult situation and even that he has fallen into vices because what his mom is handling money for him.

That’s right and this situation is not at all favorable for Maribel’s son, Julian Figueroa who with her partner has many problems and it seems to be all related to the little financial freedom she has, in addition to other negative situations that according to her have been occurring such as dating other women and cheating on her.

However, so far they have not commented on the matter so we could say that they are only rumors, although it is known that the information was provided by a close friend of the couple who was in charge of revealing all the details for the magazine TV notes .

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