Starting in the most organic way possible, family and friends came together to put together a band full of good vibes and good sound. Los Tempestades, start from the musical restlessness of Francisco Cravioto. He says that one day at university, his friends enlisted him to play at a festival, so he had to recruit his brother José Manuel, his good friend Ballo, Gonzalo Quinteros on drums and Omar Chávez on keyboards.

Since that distant 2013, and that university concert that they felt was a moment with enough flavor, they enlisted in the task of starting to make music formally. It was just as life led them to make their first self-titled EP in 2015 and to launch the hit “Macabro”. In this way, the Satellite quintet has found the formula to intertwine sounds of rock, folk and light pop.

Instagram @lostempestades

As a band that came for the pleasure of hundreds of Mexicans, their project gained strength and their desire to release an LP multiplied. Starting to record in 2016, the capitalists spent two very well-spent years in the studio to eventually release their debut album Fieras. There we find very good songs such as “Fieras”, “Manual de Resucitación” and “For Someone Else”.

Fieras is a very well assembled album. A brave album that seeks in its lyrics to connect with people through ideas of conscience. That is why they found a place in various forums and auditoriums in the country. Unfortunately, with the global coronavirus crisis, they had to postpone the shows they had scheduled. However, this was no reason to stop them and they appeared on the Sopitas networks to present their new single “Museo” live.

Instagram @lostempestades

In this short session, Los Tempestades fanned a small concert but with a lot of good vibes. We listen to the songs “Macabro”, “Fieras” and “The End of the World”. All of them as a warm-up for the official presentation of “Museum”, the song with which they would close the night. With much better audio than Instagram Live gives us, we leave you this new addition to the young discography of Los Tempestades: