Fans highlighted the beauty of the actress and the great physical resemblance she shares with her son

Grettell Valdez

Miguel Tovar / LatinContent / .

After receiving strong criticism for traveling to the beach in quarantine, Grettell Valdez He surprises his social media followers again by showing off his statuesque body with a sexy bikini.

The actress forgot the days of anguish she lived away from her son Santino And now that he can be with him again, he shared with his 2.7 million followers the impressive way in which the little boy he grew with Patrick Borghetti in the year 2008 .

Almost my size. I have a good time with you son, I love you @santopuroamor … forever my baby mom“Was the text he used with the snapshot.

In addition to showing off how high it looks Santino, the soap opera villain was seen with a two-piece swimsuit with which she boasted a great body and a perfect tan.

The signs of affection of his followers did not wait, so they immediately flattered the great physical resemblance and beauty that mother and son share:

Gorgeous“,”Handsome couple“,”How it looks like you“,”How beautiful! And you look like the little sister“,”Simply wonderful photography“,”It seems they are brothers“,”How handsome and how great Santino“,”Yes how does he look like dad“,”They are two drops of water“,”Identical to his mom“,”What a great body“These are just some of the comments received by the 43-year-old actress.