With a new batch of Pfizer, doctors will be vaccinated: Birmex

The director of Biologicals and Reactives of Mexico (Birmex), Pedro Zenteno, announced that the 511 thousand 775 doses of Pfizer’s covid-19 vaccine will help fully cover the health personnel front line fighting the coronavirus pandemic in the country.

After the landing of the new batch of reagent from Pfizer and BioNTech, he explained that 386,100 doses are destined for Mexico City and the remaining 125 thousand 775 doses will be transported to Nuevo León, Monterrey; which would fully cover the vaccination of medical personnel.

“We would be saying that tomorrow the vaccination of around 400 thousand doses begins; Doctors who are in combat against covid-19 are going to receive the second dose, it would practically be covered. The rest will surely go to the National Vaccination Plan for the benefit of the elderly ”, he indicated.

He reiterated that the vaccination program remains permanent thanks to contracts with laboratories that continue to send more doses.

“Within the plan, it should be noted that in less than 24 hours, more than 700 thousand doses arrived in the country. Yesterday more than 200 thousand came from Sputnik and today more than 500 thousand from Pfizer. We hope that the vaccination program will be permanent ”, specific.

Announced that on Saturday 27 a shipment of 800 thousand vaccines will arrive against covid-19 from the Sinovac laboratory.