With a micro set, Jem Wolfie is a sensation

With a micro set, Jem Wolfie is a sensation | Instagram

The beauty model Jem Wolfie has shown his desire to get his Instagram account back and this has driven his followers crazy, because although we continue to delight ourselves with his beauty and figure, everyone continues to ask for more.

The australian Jem Wolfie is undoubtedly an extremely interesting character in the networks, Chef, a former professional basketball player and model, has amassed a fortune thanks to the success of his fitness videos.

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However, her s3nsuality-filled images are also very successful, in which her stunning body plays a fundamental role.

On this occasion I pose with a small set of black lace lingerie that to be true you can see how tight it is, but it is something that she undoubtedly did on purpose to highlight her curves and her charms much more.


As you may recall, the fitness girl He recently announced that he wants to recover his official Instagram account, since several months ago it was blocked for “breaking his rules.”

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It was last December 28, April Fools’ Day, when the Australian model had her Instagram account canceled for uploading high content.