With a drink, Yanet García says good morning to you from NYC

With a drink, Yanet García says good morning to you from NYC | Instagram

The ex weather girl Yanet García once again managed to set the networks on fire by sharing a photograph where he raises the desire of any man, because even if he shows himself to be the most natural, he leaves very little to the imagination.

The truth is that we cannot be indifferent to the beauty of Yanet García, since the fittest girl on Instagram continues to steal sighs from her fans every day with the attractive photos she shares on her official Instagram account.

The famous influencer He lets us see every part of his daily life on this social network and although he continues to inspire us not to put aside our exercise routines, this time Yanet once again captivated his fans with a photograph where he left very little for the imagination.

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Well, although he was seen in a bathrobe, it leaves to the imagination that underneath he was not wearing any garment, so he raised the passion of the gentlemen in the world of the internet.

Good morning NYC, “the actress also wrote in the publication.


It should be noted that this photograph was shared a couple of hours ago and so far it has more than 50 thousand likes and endless comments.

On the other hand, Yanet García recently confirmed through his social networks that he returned to singleness after ending his relationship with Lewis Howes, after just over two years together.

And it is that in full promotion of her new OnlyFans account, the influencer stopped sharing photos with her partner, which raised the suspicions of her followers.

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However, in a dynamic of “Questions and answers” in her Instagram stories, a user asked her if she had a boyfriend, to which she answered no, which confirmed the end of her relationship with her now ex-partner.

So far, Yanet has not disclosed the reasons for his breakup or since when this separation with the former player occurred.

Despite her breakup, the former host of “Hoy” does not seem sad and down to return to being single, since on the contrary, she continues to publish her attractive photos in very little clothes.

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In fact, recently, the so-called “weather girl” shared a photograph in l3nc3ría in neon pink, which highlighted the curves of her enviable figure.

When you really want something, the entire universe conspires to help you get it, ”Yanet wrote in his post.

It is worth mentioning that this publication reached almost 400 thousand Likes and hundreds of comments where they praised her beauty and figure.

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